The list of model workspaces.

A 0D model of the Heart
A mathematical model of rat distal convoluted tubule. I. Cotransporter function in early DCT.
A model for pacemaking in substantia nigra neurons (A simple model based on a spherical geometry)
A model for pacemaking in substantia nigra neurons (A simple model based on a spherical geometry)
A model of intracellular pH control
A Primer on Modular Mass Action Modelling with CellML
A review of cardiac cellular electrophysiology models
A single compartment model of pacemaking in dissasociated Substantia nigra neurons with hyperbolic tetrahedral geometry
A single compartment model of pacemaking in dissasociated Substantia nigra neurons with hyperbolic tetrahedral geometry
ABI Comfort Simulator
Acid-Base Physiology
Activation of spaK
Activation of spaR
Activation of the Liver Glycogen Phosphorylase by Ca2+ Oscillations: a Theoretical Study
Activation of the Liver Glycogen Phosphorylase by Ca2+ Oscillations: a Theoretical Study
Adrian, Chandler, Hodgkin, 1970
Aguda, B, 1999
Aguda, B, 1999
Aguda, Tang, 1999
Al Abed, Guo, Lovell, Dokos, 2013 (Generic Cardiac Ionic Models)
Albert, Haanstra, Hannaert, Van Roy, Opperdoes, Bakker and Michels, 2005
Albrecht, Colegrove, Friel, 2002
Albrecht, Colegrove, Hongpaisan, Pivovarova, Andrews, Friel, 2001
Alexander and Wahl 2010
Alexander and Wahl 2010
Aliev & Panfilov (1996)
An encoding of the human ORd model by Steve Neiderer
Andre's Hodgkin Huxley model
Anion Exchanger
Annotation for a Symmetric Stomach Surface
Annotation for Human Stomach Surface
Aon, Cortassa, 2002
Approximating Sine Waves
Arresting the mitotic oscillator and the control of cell proliferation: insights from a cascade model for cdc2 kinase activation
Arresting the mitotic oscillator and the control of cell proliferation: insights from a cascade model for cdc2 kinase activation
Aslanidi 2009
Aslanidi 2009
Aslanidi Atrial Model 2009
Asthagiri, Lauffenburger, 2001
Atrial fibroblast model
Bacillus Chassis
Bagci 2006
Bagci 2008
Bagci 2008
Bakker, Mensonides, Teusink, Vanhoek, Michels, Westerhoff, 2000
Bakker, Michels, Opperdoes, Westerhoff, 1997
Barberis, Klipp, Vanoni, Alberghina, 2007
Barberis, Klipp, Vanoni, Alberghina, 2007
Basket Catheter Emulator
Baylor, Hollingworth, Chandler, 2002
Beard, 2005
Beeler, Reuter, 1977
Beeler, Reuter, 1977 uncertainty example
Beeler, Reuter, 1977 uncertainty example
Benson 2008
Benson 2008
Bental, 2006
Bental, 2006
Bernus, Wilders, Zemlin, Verschelde, Panfilov, 2002
Bertram, Arnot, Zamponi, 2002
Bertram, Pedersen, Luciani and Sherman 2006
Bertram, Previte, Sherman, Kinard, Satin, 2000
Bertram, Previte, Sherman, Kinard, Satin, 2000
Bertram, Rhoads and Cimbora 2008
Bertram, Satin, Pedersen, Luciani, Sherman, 2007
Bertram, Satin, Zhang, Smolen, Sherman, 2004
Bertram, Sherman, 2004
Bertram, Smolen, Sherman, Mears, Atwater, Martin, Soria, 1995
Best Practice 1.0 and 1.1 Model Diagrams
BG Mica models
Bhalla, Iyengar, 1999
Bifurcation analysis of the regulatory modules of the mammalian G1/S transition
Bindschadler, Sneyd, 2001
Bingzheng, Zhenye, Liansong, 1990
Bondarenko, Szigeti, Bett, Kim, Rasmusson, 2004
BondGraph Basic
Bonhoeffer, Rembiszewski, Ortiz, Nixon, 2000
Borghans 1997
Bornheimer et al. 2004
Boyett, Zhang, Garny, Holden, 2001
Brightman, Fell, 2000
Brown, Choe, Shanahan, Czeisler, 1997
Bueno, 2007
Bugbuster Promoter 1
Bugbuster Promoter 2
Bugbuster Standard Virtual Biological Machine
Bugenhagen 2010
Butera, Rinzel, Smith II 1999
Butera, Rinzel, Smith, 1999
Calzone, Thieffry, Tyson, Novak, 2007
Campbell, Chandra, 2006
Cardiovascular Circulation
Cardiovascular Circulation DVad
Cardiovascular Circulation IVad
Cardiovascular Circulation Systemic
Cardiovascular Circulation Westkessel
Cardiovascular Circulation Westkessel
Cardiovascular Circulation Windkessel
Carro, Rodriguez, Laguna, Pueyo (2011)
Carro, Rodriguez, Laguna, Pueyo (2011)
Cartwright, Husain, 1986
Cartwright, Husain, 1986
Cell viability models for tissue exposed to thermal ablation temperatures.
CellML 2.0 testing
Chang, Fujita, 1999
Chang, Fujita, 1999
Chang, Fujita, 2001
Chang, Fujita, B, 1999
Chang, Fujita, B, 1999
Chassagnole, Rais, Quentin, Fell, Mazat, 2001
Chauhan, Legewie, Westermark, Lorenzen and Herzel, 2008
Chay, 1997
Chay, Lee, Fan, 1995
Chen, Calzone, Csikasznagy, Cross, Novak, Tyson, 2004
Chen, Csikasz-Nagy, Gyorffy, Val, Novak, Tyson, 2000
Chen, Popel, 2006
Chen, Popel, 2007
Cheng, Brown, Loeb, 2000
Ciliberto, Novak, Tyson, 2003
Ciliberto, Petrus, Tyson, Sible, 2003
Ciliberto, Tyson, 2000
Clancy, Rudy, 2001
Clancy, Rudy, 2002
Cloutier 2009
Cloutier Wellstead 2009
CMISS active contraction models
Colegrove, Albrecht, Friel, 2000
Combine Archive Example
Computational analysis of the human sinus node action potential: model development and effects of mutations
Conradie, Bruggeman, Ciliberto, Csikasz-Nagy, Novak, Westerhoff and Snoep, 2010
Cooling, Hunter, Crampin, 2007
Cooling, Hunter, Crampin, 2009
Cooling, Hunter, Crampin, Cellml, 2008
Core Domains Principled Model Example
Corrias, Buist, 2007
Corrias, Buist, 2008
Cortassa et al (2006) ECME model
Cortassa, Aon, Marban, Winslow, Orourke, 2003
Cortassa, Aon, Winslow, Orourke, 2004
Costa, Holmes, Mcculloch, 2001
Courtemanche, Ramirez, and Nattel model under atrial fibrillation
Courtemanche, Ramirez, Nattel, 1998
Covering a Broad Dynamic Range: Information Processing at the Erythropoietin Receptor
Cronwright, Rohwer, Prior, 2002
Csilkasz-Nagy 2006
Cui, Kaandorp, 2006
Cui, Kaandorp, 2008
Cui, Kaandorp, Lloyd, 2008
Curien, Ravanel, Dumas, 2003
Dash, Bassingthwaighte, 2004
David Cumin PhD Model
Davies isAP 2012
Dawson, Lea, Irvine, 2003
Decker 2009
Decker 2009
Deforming Heart
Degradation of Bugbuster RNA 1
Degradation of Bugbuster RNA 2
Degradation of ElectrEcoBlu RNA 1
Degradation of ElectrEcoBlu RNA 2
Degradation of GFP
Degradation of IC
Degradation of PhzM
Degradation of PhzS
Degradation of PYO
Degradation of spaK
Degradation of spaKactive
Degradation of spaR
Degradation of spaRactive
Degradation of TF
Degradation of TFS
Delta-Notch Intercellular Signalling
Demir, Clark, Giles, 1999
Demir, Clark, Giles, Murphey, 1994
Demiray, 1981
Demonstration workspace for a model
Dempsher, Gann, Phair, 1984
Depaor, Timmons, 1986
Dependence of the period on the rate of protein degradation in minimal models for circadian oscillations
Dephosphorylation of spaKactive
Dephosphorylation of spaRactive
Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow
Devries, Sherman, 2000
Devries, Sherman, 2001
Deyoung, Keizer, 1992
Difrancesco, Noble, 1985
Dijkstra, Neal, Beever and France, 1992
Dixit, Perelson, 2004
Dokos, Celler, Lovell, 1996
Dokos, Celler, Lovell, B, 1996
Dougherty, Wright, Yew, 2005
Drouhard, Roberge, 1987
Dumaine, Towbin, Brugada, Vatta, Nesterenko, Nesterenko, Brugada, Brugada, Antzelevitch, 1999
Dupont Berridge Goldbeter 1991
Dupont Goldbeter 1992
Dynamics of amino acid metabolism of primary human liver cells in 3D bioreactors
Dynamics of amino acid metabolism of primary human liver cells in 3D bioreactors
Earm, Noble, 1990
Ebihara, Johnson, 1980
EColi Chassis
Edwards, 2008
Edwards, 2010
Egli, Bertram, Sellix, Freeman, 2004
ElectrEcoBlu Promoter 1
ElectrEcoBlu Promoter 2
ElectrEcoBlu Standard Virtual Biological Machine
Elowitz, Leibler, 2000
EMBC 2013 Tutorial - Noble 1962 reproducibility
Enciso, Sontag, 2004
Endresen, 1996
Epithelial Transport
Eskandari, Wright, Loo 2005
Eskandari, Wright, Loo 2005
Espinosa, 1998
Evans, Errington, Shelly, Feeney, Chapman, Godfrey, Smith, Chappell, 2004
Example bond graph models
Faber, Rudy, 2000
Faber, Rudy, 2000 and Tong, Ghouri, Taggart, 2014
Fall, Keizer, 2001
Fallon, Lauffenburger, 2000
Farhy, Bowers, Veldhuis, 2007
Faville, Pullan, Sanders, Koh, Lloyd, Smith, 2009
Faville, Pullan, Sanders, Smith, 2008
Feedback control of T-cell receptor activation
Fenton, Karma, 1998
Fenton, Karma, 2006
FieldML example - a simple mesh
Fink, Noble, Virag, Varro, Giles, 2008
Fink, Slepchenko, Loew, 1999
Fink, Slepchenko, Moraru, Watras, Schaff, Loew, 2000
Fink, Slepchenko, Moraru, Watras, Schaff, Loew, 2000
Fitzhugh, 1961
Flynn, Green, Pedley, Boxer, Dearling, Watson, Boden, Begent, 2002
Fohlmeister, Miller, 1997
Formation of IC
Formation of PYO
Formation of TFS
Fox, Mcharg, Gilmour, 2002
Fridlyand, Tamarina, Philipson, 2003
Friel, 1995
Fujita, Toyoshima, Uda, Ozaki, Kubota and Kuroda 2010
Gall, Susa, 1999
Gardner, Dolnik, Collins, 1998
Garmendia-Torres, Goldbeter and Jacquet 2007
Garny, Kohl, Hunter, Boyett, Noble, 2003
Gasser, Ogden, Holzapfel, 2006
Gattoni 2016
Gerard and Goldbeter 2009
Gilbert, Heiner, Rosser, Fulton, Gu, Trybilo, 2007
Glucose Uptake in Enterocyte
Goforth, Bertram, Khan, Zhang, Sherman, Satin, 2002
Goldbeter 2006
Goldbeter Dupont Berridge 1990
Goldbeter, 1991
Goldbeter, 1995
Goldbeter, Gonze and Pourquie 2007
Goldbeter, Pourquie, 2008
Gonzalezheydrich, Steingard, Kohane, 1994
Goodwin, 1965
Grandi, Pasqualini and Bers, 2010
Grange 2001
Greenstein, Wu, Po, Tomaselli, Winslow, 2000
Gross and Hopfer, 1998
Gross and Hopfer, 1999
Grossman, Feinberg, Kuznetsov, Dimitrov, Paul, 1998
Guccione, Mcculloch, Waldman, 1991
Gupta, Aslakson, Gurbaxani, Vernon, 2007
Gupta, Maurya, Stephens, Dennis and Subramaniam, 2009
Gupta, Maurya, Stephens, Dennis and Subramaniam, 2009
Guyton, Aldosterone, 2008
Guyton, Angiotensin, 2008
Guyton, Antidiuretic, Hormone, 2008
Guyton, Atrial, Natriuretic, Peptide, 2008
Guyton, Autonomics, 2008
Guyton, Capillary, Dynamics, 2008
Guyton, Circulatory, Dynamics, 2008
Guyton, Electrolytes, 2008
Guyton, Full cardiovascular circulation model
Guyton, Heart Hypertrophy or Deterioration, 2008
Guyton, Heart, Rate, And, Stroke, Volume, 2008
Guyton, Kidney, 2008
Guyton, Muscle, Blood, Flow, Control, 2008
Guyton, Muscle, Oxygen, Delivery, 2008
Guyton, Non, Muscle, Blood, Flow, Control, 2008
Guyton, Non, Muscle, Oxygen, Delivery, 2008
Guyton, Pulmonary, Fluid, Dynamics, 2008
Guyton, Pulmonary, Oxygen, Uptake, 2008
Guyton, Red, Cells, And, Viscosity, 2008
Guyton, Stress, Relaxation, 2008
Guyton, Thirst, Drinking, And, Salt, Appetite, 2008
Guyton, Volume, Receptors, 2008
H+-ATPase (proton pump)
Hai and Murphy 1988
Halloy, Bernard, Loussouarn, Goldbeter, 2002
Han 2019 - Solving a century-old conundrum underlying cardiac force-length relations
Harrington, 2009
Hatakeyama, Kimura, Naka, Kawasaki, Yumoto, Ichikawa, Kim, Saito, Saeki, Shirouzu, Yokoyama, Konagaya, 2003
Hatzimanikatis, Lee, Bailey, 1999
Haugh, 2004
Heart Model
Heinze, Keener, Midgley, 1998
Heldt 2002
Herz, Bonhoeffer, Anderson, May, Nowak, 1996
Heyd, Drew, 2003
HH Sodium Current model for estimation task
Hilgemann, Noble, 1987
Hill, 1972 - a model of feto-maternal oxygen exchange
Hinch, Greenstein, Tanskanen, Xu, Winslow, 2004
Hodgkin, Huxley, 1952
Hoefnagel, Starrenburg, Martens, Hugenholtz, Kleerebezem, Vanswam, Bongers, Westerhoff, Snoep, 2002
Holmes 2006
Hornberg, Binder, Bruggeman, Schoeberl, Heinrich, Westerhoff, 2005
Houart, Dupont and Goldbeter 1999
Huang, Ferrell, 1996
Human atrial cell models for investigating TBX5/PITX2 insufficiency-induced atrial fibrillation
Human Left Ventricle
Human Stomach Scaffold
Hund, Rudy, 2004
Hund, Rudy, 2004
Hunter, Mcculloch, Terkeurs, 1998
Hunter, Mcnaughton, Noble, 1975
Hunter, Smaill, Hunter, 1995
Hynne, Dano, Sorensen, 2001
Iancu 2007
Iber, Maini, 2002
Ikeda BMadonna QKDB
Ikeda BMadonna QKDB
Improvement of metabolic performance of primary hepatocytes in hyperoxic cultures by vitamin C in a novel small-scale bioreactor
Inada 2009
International, Si, Units, 2006
Interpolation field over mesh with uncertain nodal values
Interstitial Cell of Cajal Network Imaging Data
Iribe, Kohl, Noble, 2006
Irvine, Jafri, Winslow, 1999
Itskov, Ehret, Mavrilas, 2006
Iyer, Hajjar, Armoundas, 2007
Iyer, Mazhari, Winslow, 2004
Izakov, Katsnelson, Blyakhman, Markhasin, Shkylar, 1991
Jafri, Rice, Winslow, 1998
Jelic, Cupic, Kolaranic, 2005
Joseph, Zavros, Merchant, Kirschner, 2003
Kapela, A. Bezerianos, A. and Tsoukias, N. M. 2008
Karagiannis, Popel, 2004
Karagiannis, Popel, 2006
Katsnelson, Nikitina, Chemla, Solovyova, Coirault, Lecarpentier, Markhasin, 2004
Keener, 2001
Keizer, Levine, 1996
Kesmir, Deboer, 1999
Kholodenko, Demin, Moehren, Hoek, 1999
Kholodenko, Demin, Moehren, Hoek, 1999
Kirschner, Panetta, 1998
Kirschner, Webb, 1996
Kneller, Ramirez, Chartier, Courtemanche, Nattel, 2002
Komarova 2005
Komarova, Smith, Dixon, Sims and Wahl, 2003
Komarova, Wodarz, 2003
Kongas, Vanbeek, 2001
Korzeniewski, Zoladz, 2001
Kroll, 2000
Kurata, Hisatome, Imanishi, Shibamoto, 2002
Kyrylov, Severyanova, Vieira, 2005
Lambeth, Kushmerick, 2002
Land et al. 2012
Landesberg, Sideman, 1994
Large Scale Left Ventricular Shape Atlas Using Automated Model Fitting to Contours
Latency correlates with period in a model for signal-induced Ca2+ oscillations based on Ca2+induced Ca2+ release
Lebeau, Robson, Mckinnon, Donald, Sneyd, 1997
Lebeau, Yule, Groblewski, Sneyd, 1999
Leloup, Goldbeter, 1998
Leloup, Goldbeter, 2003
Leloup, Goldbeter, 2004
Leloup, Gonze, Goldbeter, 1999
Lemaire, Tobin, Greller, Cho, Suva, 2004
Lemon, Gibson, Bennett, 2003
Lenbury, Pacheenburawana, 1991
Lenbury, Pornsawad, 2005
Lenbury, Ruktamatakul, Amornsamarnkul, 2001
Li, Bertram and Rinzel, 1996
Li, Kuang, Mason, 2006
Li, Rinzel, 1994
Li, Smith, 2009
Lindblad, Murphey, Clark, Giles, 1996
Linear 2nd order nonhomogeneous ODE with constant coefficients
Liu, Hu, Peng, Liu, 1999
Livshitz, Rudy, 2007
Lockwood, Ewy, Hermann, Holford, 2006
Lokta, Volterra
Lovell, Cloherty, Celler, Dokos, 2004
Luo, Rudy, 1991
Luo, Rudy, 1994
Macgregor, Leng, 2005
Mackenzie, Loo, Panayotova-Heiermann and Wright, 1996
Magnus, Keizer, 1997
Magnus, Keizer, 1998
Mahajan, Shiferaw, Sato, Baher, Olcese, Xie, Yang, Chen, Restrepo, Karma, Garfinkel, Qu, Weiss, 2008
Maldonado, Borchers, Findeisen and Allgower, 2006
Maleckar, Greenstein, Trayanova, Giles, 2009
Maltsev 2009
Maly, Wiley, Lauffenburger, 2004
Malys et al. 2010
Marcano, Yang, Nieves-Gonzalez, Clausen, Moore 2009
Margaridamartins, Mendes, Coreiro, Pocesfreire, 2001
Marhl, Haberichter, Brumen, Heinrich, 2000
Marhl, Schuster, Brumen, Heinrich, 1997
Martinov, Vitvitsky, Mosharov, Banerjee, Ataullakhanov, 2000
Marwan, 2003
Matsuoka, Sarai, Kuratomi, Ono, Noma, 2003
Maurya et al. 2005
Mazhari, Greenstein, Winslow, Marban, Nuss, 2001
Mcallister, Noble, Tsien, 1975
Mckenzie, Sneyd, 1998
Mclean, Su, Vandenbogert, 2003
Mears 1997
Mechanism of doxorubicin cardiotoxicity evaluated by integrating multiple molecular effects into a biophysical model
Metabolic Component Library
Michailova 2005
Michailova, Mcculloch, 2001
Miftakhov, Abdusheva, Christensen, 1999
Mijailovich, Butler, Fredburg, 2000
Mikane, Araki, Kohno, Nakayama, Suzuki, Shimuzi, Matsubara, Hirakawa, Takaki, Suga, 1997
Mitchell, Schaeffer, 2003
Mitochondria regulate the amplitude of simple and complex calcium oscillations
Mittler, Sulzer, Neumann, Perelson, 1998
Mlcek, Neumann, Kittnar, Novak, 2001
Model of a rabbit Purkinje cell
Models for the OpenCOR and PMR tutorial by Peter Hunter
Modular Analysis of Signal Transduction Networks
Mohr, Taylor, Newell, 2008
Moore, Li, 2004
Moore, Li, 2004
Morris and Lecar 1981
Mosekilde, Lading, Yanchuk, Maistrenko, 2001
Moss, Kazmierczak, Kirley, Harris, 2009
Moss, Kazmierczak, Kirley, Harris, 2009
mRNA expression levels in failing human hearts predict cellular electrophysiological remodeling: A population-based simulation study
Muller, Obeyesekere, Mills, Ram, 2008
My Beeler Model
Myocardial contractility and regional work throughout the cardiac cycle using FEM and MRI
Na+/Glucose Transporter
Na+/H+ Exchanger
Na+/HCO3- Cotransporter
Na+/K+-ATPase (sodium-potassium pump)
Nagano and Gerritsen, 2001
Nagerl, Novo, Mody, Vergara, 2000
Nash, Panfilov, 2004
Nazaret, Heiske, Thurley and Mazat, 2009
Nelson, Murray, Perelson, 2000
Nelson, Perelson 1995
Neumann, Lam, Dahari, Gretch, Wiley, Layden, Perelson, 1998
Nevo, Golding, Neumann, Schwartz, Akselrod, 2004
Niederer 2013 PlosOne
Niederer, Hunter, Smith, 2006
Niederer, Smith, 2007
Noble 1962 model for Physiome article
Noble, 1962
Noble, 2000
Noble, Difrancesco, Denyer, 1989
Noble, Noble, 1984
Noble, Noble, 2001
Noble, Noble, Bett, Earm, Ho, So, 1991
Noble, Varghese, Kohl, Noble, 1998
Notch signaling pathway
Novak, Csikasznagy, Gyorffy, Chen, Tyson, 1998
Novak, Pataki, Ciliberto, Tyson, 2001
Novak, Tyson, 1993
Novak, Tyson, 1997
Novak, Tyson, 2004
Nowak, Bangham, 1996
Nygren, Fiset, Firek, Clark, Lindblad, Clark, Giles, 1998
O'Hara-Rudy-CiPA-v1.0 (2017)
Obeyesekere, Zimmerman, Tecarro, Auchmuty, 1999
Olsen, Hauser, Kummer, 2003
On the encoding and decoding of calcium signals in hepatocytes
One-pool model for Ca2+ oscillations involving Ca2+ and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate as co-agonists for Ca2+ release
Oomens, Maenhout, Vanoijen, Drost, Baaijens, 2003
OpenCOR issue 231
OpenCOR issue 458
OpenCOR issue demonstration - initial_value
Ostby, Oyehaug, Einevoll, Nagelhus, Plahte, Zeuthen, Voipio, Lloyd, Ottersen, Omholt, 2008
Overgaard 2007
Oyehaug, Ostby, Lloyd, Omholt, Einevoll, 2011
Oyehaug, Ostby, Lloyd, Ottersen, Omholt, Einevoll, 2009
Palecek, Horwitz, Lauffenburger, 1999
Pandit, Clark, Giles, Demir, 2001
Pandit, Giles, Demir, 2003