Location: Deforming Heart @ 22d52e3b5b53 / viewheart.cmgui

Dougal Cowan <devnull@localhost>
2012-11-27 08:10:24+13:00
first attempt to convert to FieldML Zinc viewer exposure
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# Note: FieldML 0.2 files can only be read into recent development versions of cmgui, available from www.cmiss.org/cmgui
gfx create region heart;
gfx read region heart.xml region heart;
# need to define faces and lines to visualise
gfx define faces egroup heart;
gfx modify g_element heart general clear;
gfx modify g_element heart lines coordinate heart_mesh.coordinates exterior;
gfx modify g_element heart surfaces coordinate heart_mesh.coordinates exterior material muscle;
gfx create window 1;
gfx modify window 1 set perturb_lines;