Location: BG_GPCR_B1AR_reduced @ a5768d510225 / parameter_finder / TEMP.cellml.txt

Shelley Fong <sfon036@UoA.auckland.ac.nz>
2023-06-09 11:21:11+12:00
Updating exposure picture and solver files to include calculating conservation of chemical moieties
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def model individual_GPCR_B1AR_reduced as
 def import using "units_and_constants/units_BG.cellml" for
        unit mM using unit mM;
unit fmol using unit fmol;
unit per_fmol using unit per_fmol;
        unit J_per_mol using unit J_per_mol;
unit fmol_per_sec using unit fmol_per_sec;
        unit C_per_mol using unit C_per_mol;
  unit J_per_C using unit J_per_C;
        unit microm3 using unit microm3;
  unit fF using unit fF;
        unit fC using unit fC;
  unit fA using unit fA;
        unit per_second using unit per_second;
  unit millivolt using unit millivolt;
        unit per_sec using unit per_sec;
  unit J_per_K_per_mol using unit J_per_K_per_mol;
        unit fmol_per_L using unit fmol_per_L;
  unit fmol_per_L_per_sec using unit fmol_per_L_per_sec;
        unit per_sec_per_fmol_per_L using unit per_sec_per_fmol_per_L;
  unit uM using unit uM;
        unit mM_per_sec using unit mM_per_sec;
  unit uM_per_sec using unit uM_per_sec;
        unit pL using unit pL;
  unit m_to_u using unit m_to_u;
def import using "units_and_constants/constants_BG.cellml" for
            comp constants using comp constants;

    def comp environment as
    var time: second {pub: out};
    // initial values
var q_R_inactive_init: fmol {init: 0.0004579000e0};
var q_LR_inactive_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_LB1_init: fmol;
        var q_RB1_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_Gs_init: fmol {init: 0.1455400000};
        var q_RB1_Gs_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_L_RB1_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_L_RB1_Gs_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_Gsa_GTP_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_Gsbetagamma_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_Gsa_GDP_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_GTP_init: fmol {init: 2.2};
        var q_GDP_init: fmol {init: 1.1};
        var q_Pi_init: fmol {init: 570};
        var q_RB1_tag_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_L_RB1_tag_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_RB1_GRKArr_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_L_RB1_GRKArr_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        var q_GRKArr_init: fmol {init: 1e-18};
        // stimulus

        var stimSt: second {init: 2e2};
        var stimDur: second {init: 5e1};
        var tR: second {init: 5e1};
        var stimMag: fmol {init: 5e2};
        var stimHolding: fmol {init: 1e-8};
        var m: fmol_per_sec;

        m = stimMag/tR;

        q_LB1_init = sel
            case (time < stimSt) and (time > stimSt-tR):
            case (time >= stimSt) and (time < stimSt+stimDur):
            case (time < stimSt+tR+stimDur) and (time >= stimSt+stimDur):
// Global value
var q_R_inactive: fmol {pub: out};
var q_LR_inactive: fmol {pub: out};
var q_LB1: fmol {pub: out};
var q_RB1: fmol {pub: out};
var q_Gs: fmol {pub: out};
var q_RB1_Gs: fmol {pub: out};
var q_L_RB1: fmol {pub: out};
var q_L_RB1_Gs: fmol {pub: out};
var q_Gsa_GTP: fmol {pub: out};
var q_Gsbetagamma: fmol {pub: out};
var q_Gsa_GDP: fmol {pub: out};
var q_GTP: fmol {pub: out};
var q_GDP: fmol {pub: out};
var q_Pi: fmol {pub: out};
var q_RB1_tag: fmol {pub: out};
var q_L_RB1_tag: fmol {pub: out};
var q_RB1_GRKArr: fmol {pub: out};
var q_L_RB1_GRKArr: fmol {pub: out};
var q_GRKArr: fmol {pub: out};
// From submodule
var q_R_inactive_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_LR_inactive_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_LB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gsa_GTP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gsbetagamma_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gsa_GDP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_GTP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_GDP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Pi_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_tag_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_tag_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
var q_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced: fmol {pub: in};
q_R_inactive = q_R_inactive_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_R_inactive_init;
q_LR_inactive = q_LR_inactive_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_LR_inactive_init;
q_LB1 = q_LB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_LB1_init;
q_RB1 = q_RB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_RB1_init;
q_Gs = q_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_Gs_init;
q_RB1_Gs = q_RB1_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_RB1_Gs_init;
q_L_RB1 = q_L_RB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_L_RB1_init;
q_L_RB1_Gs = q_L_RB1_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_L_RB1_Gs_init;
q_Gsa_GTP = q_Gsa_GTP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_Gsa_GTP_init;
q_Gsbetagamma = q_Gsbetagamma_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_Gsbetagamma_init;
q_Gsa_GDP = q_Gsa_GDP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_Gsa_GDP_init;
q_GTP = q_GTP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_GTP_init;
q_GDP = q_GDP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_GDP_init;
q_Pi = q_Pi_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_Pi_init;
q_RB1_tag = q_RB1_tag_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_RB1_tag_init;
q_L_RB1_tag = q_L_RB1_tag_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_L_RB1_tag_init;
q_RB1_GRKArr = q_RB1_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_RB1_GRKArr_init;
q_L_RB1_GRKArr = q_L_RB1_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_L_RB1_GRKArr_init;
q_GRKArr = q_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced + q_GRKArr_init;

def comp GPCR_B1AR_reduced_parameters as
var kappa_Rswitch: fmol_per_sec {init: 128.165, pub: out};
var kappa_LRswitch: fmol_per_sec {init: 0.00270724, pub: out};
var kappa_C_B1: fmol_per_sec {init: 3051.24, pub: out};
var kappa_R_B1: fmol_per_sec {init: 64451.7, pub: out};
var kappa_L_B1: fmol_per_sec {init: 0.000771563, pub: out};
var kappa_Act1_Gs: fmol_per_sec {init: 0.000901275, pub: out};
var kappa_Act2_Gs: fmol_per_sec {init: 10.133, pub: out};
var kappa_Hyd_Gs: fmol_per_sec {init: 0.651714, pub: out};
var kappa_Reassoc_Gs: fmol_per_sec {init: 0.00238072, pub: out};
var kappa_InternR_B1: fmol_per_sec {init: 0.00136649, pub: out};
var kappa_InternLR_B1: fmol_per_sec {init: 15.3633, pub: out};
var K_R_inactive: per_fmol {init: 2.26815, pub: out};
var K_LR_inactive: per_fmol {init: 107378, pub: out};
var K_LB1: per_fmol {init: 4828.8, pub: out};
var K_RB1: per_fmol {init: 0.0226815, pub: out};
var K_Gs: per_fmol {init: 0.122105, pub: out};
var K_RB1_Gs: per_fmol {init: 3.14397, pub: out};
var K_L_RB1: per_fmol {init: 0.00107378, pub: out};
var K_L_RB1_Gs: per_fmol {init: 0.00027964, pub: out};
var K_Gsa_GTP: per_fmol {init: 0.0356841, pub: out};
var K_Gsbetagamma: per_fmol {init: 28.4425, pub: out};
var K_Gsa_GDP: per_fmol {init: 15.1005, pub: out};
var K_GTP: per_fmol {init: 4.77164, pub: out};
var K_GDP: per_fmol {init: 1.61737e-06, pub: out};
var K_Pi: per_fmol {init: 8.58685e-07, pub: out};
var K_RB1_tag: per_fmol {init: 4.82676, pub: out};
var K_L_RB1_tag: per_fmol {init: 0.000429315, pub: out};
var K_RB1_GRKArr: per_fmol {init: 0.00212734, pub: out};
var K_L_RB1_GRKArr: per_fmol {init: 1.89216e-07, pub: out};
var K_GRKArr: per_fmol {init: 1281.21, pub: out};
def comp GPCR_B1AR_reduced as
        var time: second {pub: in};
        var R: J_per_K_per_mol {pub: in};
        var T: kelvin {pub: in};
        // parameters
var kappa_Rswitch: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_LRswitch: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_C_B1: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_R_B1: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_L_B1: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_Act1_Gs: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_Act2_Gs: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_Hyd_Gs: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_Reassoc_Gs: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_InternR_B1: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var kappa_InternLR_B1: fmol_per_sec {pub: in};
var K_R_inactive: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_LR_inactive: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_LB1: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_RB1: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_Gs: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_RB1_Gs: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_L_RB1: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_L_RB1_Gs: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_Gsa_GTP: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_Gsbetagamma: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_Gsa_GDP: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_GTP: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_GDP: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_Pi: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_RB1_tag: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_L_RB1_tag: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_RB1_GRKArr: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_L_RB1_GRKArr: per_fmol {pub: in};
var K_GRKArr: per_fmol {pub: in};
// Input from global environment
var q_R_inactive_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_LR_inactive_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_LB1_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gs_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_Gs_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_Gs_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gsa_GTP_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gsbetagamma_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Gsa_GDP_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_GTP_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_GDP_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_Pi_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_tag_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_tag_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_RB1_GRKArr_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_L_RB1_GRKArr_global: fmol {pub: in};
var q_GRKArr_global: fmol {pub: in};
// Output to global environment
var q_R_inactive: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_LR_inactive: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_LB1: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_RB1: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_Gs: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_RB1_Gs: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_L_RB1: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_L_RB1_Gs: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_Gsa_GTP: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_Gsbetagamma: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_Gsa_GDP: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_GTP: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_GDP: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_Pi: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_RB1_tag: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_L_RB1_tag: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_RB1_GRKArr: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_L_RB1_GRKArr: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
var q_GRKArr: fmol {init: 1e-16, pub: out};
// Constitutive parameters
var mu_R_inactive: J_per_mol;
var mu_LR_inactive: J_per_mol;
var mu_LB1: J_per_mol;
var mu_RB1: J_per_mol;
var mu_Gs: J_per_mol;
var mu_RB1_Gs: J_per_mol;
var mu_L_RB1: J_per_mol;
var mu_L_RB1_Gs: J_per_mol;
var mu_Gsa_GTP: J_per_mol;
var mu_Gsbetagamma: J_per_mol;
var mu_Gsa_GDP: J_per_mol;
var mu_GTP: J_per_mol;
var mu_GDP: J_per_mol;
var mu_Pi: J_per_mol;
var mu_RB1_tag: J_per_mol;
var mu_L_RB1_tag: J_per_mol;
var mu_RB1_GRKArr: J_per_mol;
var mu_L_RB1_GRKArr: J_per_mol;
var mu_GRKArr: J_per_mol;
var v_Rswitch: fmol_per_sec;
var v_LRswitch: fmol_per_sec;
var v_C_B1: fmol_per_sec;
var v_R_B1: fmol_per_sec;
var v_L_B1: fmol_per_sec;
var v_Act1_Gs: fmol_per_sec;
var v_Act2_Gs: fmol_per_sec;
var v_Hyd_Gs: fmol_per_sec;
var v_Reassoc_Gs: fmol_per_sec;
var v_InternR_B1: fmol_per_sec;
var v_InternLR_B1: fmol_per_sec;
mu_R_inactive = R*T*ln(K_R_inactive*q_R_inactive_global);
mu_LR_inactive = R*T*ln(K_LR_inactive*q_LR_inactive_global);
mu_LB1 = R*T*ln(K_LB1*q_LB1_global);
mu_RB1 = R*T*ln(K_RB1*q_RB1_global);
mu_Gs = R*T*ln(K_Gs*q_Gs_global);
mu_RB1_Gs = R*T*ln(K_RB1_Gs*q_RB1_Gs_global);
mu_L_RB1 = R*T*ln(K_L_RB1*q_L_RB1_global);
mu_L_RB1_Gs = R*T*ln(K_L_RB1_Gs*q_L_RB1_Gs_global);
mu_Gsa_GTP = R*T*ln(K_Gsa_GTP*q_Gsa_GTP_global);
mu_Gsbetagamma = R*T*ln(K_Gsbetagamma*q_Gsbetagamma_global);
mu_Gsa_GDP = R*T*ln(K_Gsa_GDP*q_Gsa_GDP_global);
mu_GTP = R*T*ln(K_GTP*q_GTP_global);
mu_GDP = R*T*ln(K_GDP*q_GDP_global);
mu_Pi = R*T*ln(K_Pi*q_Pi_global);
mu_RB1_tag = R*T*ln(K_RB1_tag*q_RB1_tag_global);
mu_L_RB1_tag = R*T*ln(K_L_RB1_tag*q_L_RB1_tag_global);
mu_RB1_GRKArr = R*T*ln(K_RB1_GRKArr*q_RB1_GRKArr_global);
mu_L_RB1_GRKArr = R*T*ln(K_L_RB1_GRKArr*q_L_RB1_GRKArr_global);
mu_GRKArr = R*T*ln(K_GRKArr*q_GRKArr_global);
v_Rswitch = kappa_Rswitch*(exp(mu_RB1_inactive/(R*T))-exp(mu_RB1/(R*T)));
v_LRswitch = kappa_LRswitch*(exp(mu_L_RB1_inactive/(R*T))-exp(mu_L_RB1/(R*T)));
        v_C_B1 = kappa_C_B1*(exp((mu_RB1+mu_Gs)/(R*T))-exp(mu_RB1_Gs/(R*T)));
        v_R_B1 = kappa_R_B1*(exp((mu_L_RB1+mu_Gs)/(R*T))-exp(mu_L_RB1_Gs/(R*T)));
        v_L_B1 = kappa_L_B1*(exp((mu_RB1_inactive+mu_LB1)/(R*T))-exp(mu_L_RB1_inactive/(R*T)));
        v_Act1_Gs = kappa_Act1_Gs*(exp((mu_RB1_Gs+mu_GTP)/(R*T))-exp((mu_Gsa_GTP+mu_Gsbetagamma+mu_RB1_tag+mu_GDP)/(R*T)));
        v_Act2_Gs = kappa_Act2_Gs*(exp((mu_L_RB1_Gs+mu_GTP)/(R*T))-exp((mu_Gsa_GTP+mu_Gsbetagamma+mu_L_RB1_tag+mu_GDP)/(R*T)));
        v_Hyd_Gs = kappa_Hyd_Gs*(exp(mu_Gsa_GTP/(R*T))-exp((mu_Gsa_GDP+mu_Pi)/(R*T)));
        v_Reassoc_Gs = kappa_Reassoc_Gs*(exp((mu_Gsa_GDP+mu_Gsbetagamma)/(R*T))-exp(mu_Gs/(R*T)));
        v_InternR_B1 = kappa_InternR_B1*(exp((mu_RB1_tag+mu_GRKArr)/(R*T))-exp(mu_RB1_GRKArr/(R*T)));
        v_InternLR_B1 = kappa_InternLR_B1*(exp((mu_L_RB1_tag+mu_GRKArr)/(R*T))-exp(mu_L_RB1_GRKArr/(R*T)));
        var v_Rsynthesis: fmol_per_sec;

        v_Rsynthesis = +v_C_B1+v_L_B1;

        ode(q_R_inactive, time) = -v_Rswitch-v_L_B1;
        ode(q_LR_inactive, time) = -v_LRswitch;
        ode(q_LB1, time) = -v_L_B1;
        ode(q_RB1, time) = v_Rswitch-v_C_B1+1.0{dimensionless}*v_Rsynthesis;
        ode(q_Gs, time) = -v_C_B1-v_R_B1+v_Reassoc_Gs;
        ode(q_RB1_Gs, time) = v_C_B1-v_Act1_Gs;
        ode(q_L_RB1, time) = v_LRswitch-v_R_B1+v_L_B1;
        ode(q_L_RB1_Gs, time) = v_R_B1-v_Act2_Gs;
        ode(q_Gsa_GTP, time) = v_Act1_Gs+v_Act2_Gs-v_Hyd_Gs;
        ode(q_Gsbetagamma, time) = v_Act1_Gs+v_Act2_Gs-v_Reassoc_Gs;
        ode(q_Gsa_GDP, time) = v_Hyd_Gs-v_Reassoc_Gs;
        ode(q_GTP, time) = -v_Act1_Gs-v_Act2_Gs;
        ode(q_GDP, time) = v_Act1_Gs+v_Act2_Gs;
        ode(q_Pi, time) = v_Hyd_Gs;
        ode(q_RB1_tag, time) = v_Act1_Gs-v_InternR_B1;
        ode(q_L_RB1_tag, time) = v_Act2_Gs-v_InternLR_B1;
        ode(q_RB1_GRKArr, time) = v_InternR_B1;
        ode(q_L_RB1_GRKArr, time) = v_InternLR_B1;
        ode(q_GRKArr, time) = -v_InternR_B1-v_InternLR_B1;
def map between environment and GPCR_B1AR_reduced for
vars time and time;
vars q_R_inactive_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_R_inactive;
vars q_R_inactive and q_R_inactive_global;
vars q_LR_inactive_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_LR_inactive;
vars q_LR_inactive and q_LR_inactive_global;
vars q_LB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_LB1;
vars q_LB1 and q_LB1_global;
vars q_RB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_RB1;
vars q_RB1 and q_RB1_global;
vars q_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_Gs;
vars q_Gs and q_Gs_global;
vars q_RB1_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_RB1_Gs;
vars q_RB1_Gs and q_RB1_Gs_global;
vars q_L_RB1_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_L_RB1;
vars q_L_RB1 and q_L_RB1_global;
vars q_L_RB1_Gs_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_L_RB1_Gs;
vars q_L_RB1_Gs and q_L_RB1_Gs_global;
vars q_Gsa_GTP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_Gsa_GTP;
vars q_Gsa_GTP and q_Gsa_GTP_global;
vars q_Gsbetagamma_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_Gsbetagamma;
vars q_Gsbetagamma and q_Gsbetagamma_global;
vars q_Gsa_GDP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_Gsa_GDP;
vars q_Gsa_GDP and q_Gsa_GDP_global;
vars q_GTP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_GTP;
vars q_GTP and q_GTP_global;
vars q_GDP_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_GDP;
vars q_GDP and q_GDP_global;
vars q_Pi_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_Pi;
vars q_Pi and q_Pi_global;
vars q_RB1_tag_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_RB1_tag;
vars q_RB1_tag and q_RB1_tag_global;
vars q_L_RB1_tag_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_L_RB1_tag;
vars q_L_RB1_tag and q_L_RB1_tag_global;
vars q_RB1_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_RB1_GRKArr;
vars q_RB1_GRKArr and q_RB1_GRKArr_global;
vars q_L_RB1_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_L_RB1_GRKArr;
vars q_L_RB1_GRKArr and q_L_RB1_GRKArr_global;
vars q_GRKArr_mGPCR_B1AR_reduced and q_GRKArr;
vars q_GRKArr and q_GRKArr_global;
def map between GPCR_B1AR_reduced and GPCR_B1AR_reduced_parameters for
vars kappa_Rswitch and kappa_Rswitch;
vars kappa_LRswitch and kappa_LRswitch;
vars kappa_C_B1 and kappa_C_B1;
vars kappa_R_B1 and kappa_R_B1;
vars kappa_L_B1 and kappa_L_B1;
vars kappa_Act1_Gs and kappa_Act1_Gs;
vars kappa_Act2_Gs and kappa_Act2_Gs;
vars kappa_Hyd_Gs and kappa_Hyd_Gs;
vars kappa_Reassoc_Gs and kappa_Reassoc_Gs;
vars kappa_InternR_B1 and kappa_InternR_B1;
vars kappa_InternLR_B1 and kappa_InternLR_B1;
vars K_R_inactive and K_R_inactive;
vars K_LR_inactive and K_LR_inactive;
vars K_LB1 and K_LB1;
vars K_RB1 and K_RB1;
vars K_Gs and K_Gs;
vars K_RB1_Gs and K_RB1_Gs;
vars K_L_RB1 and K_L_RB1;
vars K_L_RB1_Gs and K_L_RB1_Gs;
vars K_Gsa_GTP and K_Gsa_GTP;
vars K_Gsbetagamma and K_Gsbetagamma;
vars K_Gsa_GDP and K_Gsa_GDP;
vars K_GTP and K_GTP;
vars K_GDP and K_GDP;
vars K_Pi and K_Pi;
vars K_RB1_tag and K_RB1_tag;
vars K_L_RB1_tag and K_L_RB1_tag;
vars K_RB1_GRKArr and K_RB1_GRKArr;
vars K_L_RB1_GRKArr and K_L_RB1_GRKArr;
vars K_GRKArr and K_GRKArr;
def map between constants and GPCR_B1AR_reduced for
vars R and R;
 vars T and T;