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A collection of models related to the renal nephron and kidney

This workspace describes a collection of models related to the renal nephron and kidney that can be found in this repository. This collection is being developed, validated, and annotated as part of the renal physiome project. While this collection is currently manually created and maintained, we envision that one day collections such as this will be created automatically using the annotations contained in the repository knowledgebase.

In this workspace, `git submodules <https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Tools-Submodules>`_ are used to make *"local"* copies of the referenced models at a fixed revision. These should be updated as needed to ensure this workspace references the most useful version of each model. If you are cloning this workspace directly and would like to retrieve all the embedded submodules, you can use a command like this::

   $> git clone --recursive https://models.physiomeproject.org/workspace/nephron
or the equivalent for your git client. Please note that some of the referenced models may not be publicly accessible, so you might need to have suitable access for the above command to succeed. Private models will be noted below, and the public models will always be accessible.

Transporters and channels

Epithelial cells

Transport in the nephron