Noble, Varghese, Kohl, Noble, 1998

Model Status

This CellML model is known to run in both COR and OpenCell to recreate the original results. The units have been checked and they are consistent. Note, this version of the model is the 'BASIC' parameterisation of the model, and has a single stimulus.

Model Structure

This CellML model is a description of the Noble 2000 (N2K) guinea pig ventricular cell model. N2K is an updated version of the model published by Noble et al. in 1998, in which the voltage-sensitive L-type Ca2+ current (ICaL) and the Ca2+ dynamics have been refined.

Noble, Carghese, Kohl and Noble's 1998 guinea pig ventricular cell model incorporates a diadic space, IKr and IKs currents, and length and tension dependent processes.

The original 1998 paper reference is cited below:

Improved guinea-pig ventricular cell model incorporating a diadic space, IKr and IKs, and length- and tension-dependent processes, Denis Noble, Anthony Varghese, Peter Kohl and Penelope Noble, 1998, Can J Cardiol , 14, 123-134. PubMed ID: 9487284

Paper reference is in which the current model is described:

Cellular Open Resource (COR): current status and future directions, Alan Garny, Denis Noble, Peter J. Hunter and Peter Kohl, 2009, Philisophical Transactions of the Royal Society (accepted)

A schematic diagram describing the current flows across the cell membrane that are captured in the Noble'98 model.
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