Endresen, 1996

Model Status

This CellML version of the model has been checked in COR and OpenCell and is known to be valid CellML. The units are consistent and the model runs to recreate the published results.

Model Structure

ABSTRACT: A model of the rabbit sinoatrial action potential is introduced, based on a model by Morris and Lecar. One cell is described by two nonlinear first-order ordinary differential equations, with ten constant parameters. The model is much simpler than most other models in use, but can reproduce perfectly experimentally recorded action potentials. The dynamics of two coupled cells, with and without the presence of periodic acetylcholine pulses, shows examples of bifurcations and strange attractors, mathematical phenomena characterizing chaotic motion. It remains to be clarified whether such dynamics is actually observed, for example in the small irregular variations of the normal heart rate.

Schematic diagram of the cell model

The original paper reference is cited below:

Chaos in weakly-coupled pacemaker cells, Lars Petter Endresen, 1997, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 184, 41-50. PubMed ID: 9039399

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