Heyd, Drew, 2003

Model Status

This CellML model runs in both OpenCell and COR. The units have been checked and they are consistent. We are unsure as to whether or not this CellML model recreates the results of the original model as there are no simple concentration against time simulation figures in the published paper to compare it with.

Model Structure

ABSTRACT: A mathematical model is presented for the steps in the elongation process, and the steady-state elongation rate as a function of the amino acid concentrations is found. In addition, the reset sub-process of the elongation process is modeled. The rate of elongation of peptide chains is found to be a function of the concentration of the amino acid to be bound and the concentration of all other amino acids. In addition, the overall elongation rate depends on the concentrations of elongation factors.

The original paper reference is cited below:

A Mathematical Model for Elongation of a Peptide Chain, Andrew Heyd and Donald A. Drew, 2003, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 65, 1095-1109. PubMed ID: 14607290

A schematic diagram displaying the reaction steps described by the mathematical model.
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