Generic rat stomach scaffold

In this workspace we have the Scaffold Maker workflow and configuration files needed to produce the generic rat stomach scaffold for the SPARC project.

Rendering of the generic rat stomach scaffold.

An anatomically-based 3D scaffold of the rat stomach is created to map nerve ending pathways. The stomach scaffold is generated with a configurable central path defined from the fundus apex to the duodenum. A user can annotate the fundus, body, antrum, pylorus, and duodenum along the central path and use that to define the respective regions of the stomach. The cross axes of the central path provide control of the major and minor radii of the stomach in different sections. The rat stomach scaffold is parameterised with average data from segmentation of Micro-CT image data of 11 animals performed at the Powley laboratory using Neurolucida (MBF Bioscience).

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