The ORd human ventricular action potential model

This workspace houses a CellML 1.0 encoding of the 2011 O'Hara, Virág, Varró, & Rudy 2011 human cardiac ventricular action potential model (ORd). The original article is available at: This model was encoded based on the Matlab version of the code available from:

The CellML 1.0 encoding of the ORd model was contributed by Steven Niederer. While the units in the CellML encoding are not yet perfect, it is a match for the Matlab code and matches the simulation output for a single beat perfectly. The figure below shows the output of the simulation experiment action-potential.xml encoded in SED-ML using the original version of the model from Steve. This output is generated by running the simulation experiment using the SED-ML Web Tools.

Derived from workspace An encoding of the human ORd model by Steve Neiderer at changeset 267f2433ca82.
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