NHE3 Model - Figure 3A

Figure 3A

This is the general mathematical model for the NHE3 model with modifications to enable simulations which are capable of reproducing Figure 3A in the original paper. The simulation experiment for this model can be obtained by loading the corresponding SED-ML document into OpenCOR and executing the simulation. The results of which are shown below. A rendering of the mathematical model itself is available here.

In Figure 3, the Na+ influx is computed as a function of external Na+ concentration for different values of external pH when NH4+ is not present. Internal pH is 6 and internal Na+ concentration is fixed at 0.0 mM. In Figure 3A external pH is 6.6.

A screenshot illustrating the results when the associated SED-ML document is loaded into OpenCOR and the simulation executed.

This can be reproduced directly from the repository by choosing the Launch with OpenCOR link from the Views Available.